Clash of the Bands

Valley East Days Clash of the Bands

The motivation for spearheading this event is to promote local bands. 

The driving force to launching this event was the realization that there are many great bands BUT few local venues at hand for bands to showcases themselves. Commencing in festival season 2019, Valley East Days Clash of the Bands bands will provide 3 time slots on the Valley East Days main stage. 

Valley East Days Clash of the Bands is organized and run by a dedicated committee of volunteers which include personel in the following areas: event director, communications manager, stage management, media production, hostess, judging panel, recruitment & photography. 

The Clash of the Bands winner will share the main stage with a headlining act plus be awarded a $2500 prize pack. The prize pack for 2nd and 3rd place runner-ups is $500 plus a performance slot on Saturday afternoon of the festival. 

This is a great opportunity for local bands to gain some exposure, have fun and to network with other groups, sound technicians and tech crews.

Key sponsors of this event have been Cousin Vinny's Restaurant & Bar, 92.7 ROCK, Long & McQade, Paul Kazulak Photography & Zoldy Bros. Productions. 


The Dazed - 2019 Clash of the Bands Winner

Creating their own path influenced by a variety of eras and genres, The Dazed is a blues/rock group based in Sudbury, Ontario. With tight rhythm, flashy guitar licks and smooth vocals, they are taking Sudbury by storm. With a debut album titled "Better Company," the band demonstrates what it truly means to be unique.


Natalie Crispo Band - 2nd Place

More information coming soon!


Pop Mach!ne - 3rd Place Winner

Pop Mach!ne is a rock band composed of five young members looking to bridge the age gap in music lovers by spreading classic rock to the younger generation. 

The band started as a group formed in grades 7 and 8 by their music teacher, Mr. Ross. Over the summer, a select few continued to practice together, and with the addition of an old friend, they soon grew into a tight-knit team of passionate musicians.

They’ve found success in many areas, including first place at Rockin’ the Rock Battle of the Bands on Manitoulin Island, second place at the Valley East Days Clash of the Bands 2019, and first place at the Meltdown Competition for the Northern Lights Festival Boreal. They plan to continue playing wherever and whenever they can!

On June 28, they were proud to release their first, self-titled album! Pop Mach!ne describes their genre as ‘modern classic rock’ — a loving homage to the classic rock stars they’re influenced by with a unique, modern twist. Their self-released album, produced by the amazing Jacques Grylls (Jack-Indie-Box Studios), is available for physical purchase on their Facebook page. Digital purchase is also available on popular streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple Music.