Youth Band Talent Showcase

Event Overview

Check out the Youth Band Talent Showcase all day on Saturday, September 8th featuring 5 local youth bands!

Sudbury Youth Rocks! Band #1 – 11:00AM and Band #2 – 12:30PM

Sudbury Youth Rocks Program is run by a group of volunteers dedicated to assisting young people by using their experience as musicians to teach not only music, but life skills, self-esteem, positive peer pressure and community service. What makes us different from other music programs is that there is no charge to the participants. Each youth gets to try out a variety of instruments until they find one they are comfortable with. The youth can play 4 different instruments for 4 different songs if they want.  The youth get to choose the songs that they like and perform them in their own style. Positive Peer Pressure is the model we use to teach.  We won’t allow the word “can’t”.  Rather we work with them until they “can.” The adult mentors spend hours learning songs in order to best teach the participants in a non-pressure way. Positive Peer Pressure is the youth governing each other to promote a healthy practice environment with no bullying, name calling or other destructive behaviors. This translates to a familial feel to the program and encourages music and emotional growth.


Levack Rock Band – 11:45AM

The Levack Rock Band is composed of young musicians between the ages of eleven and thirteen. Don’t let the numbers fool you. This group has performed and received high acclaims with their renditions of a variety of classic rock songs. Joshua, Lenna, Chelsea and Katryna played at last year’s Valley East Days. With new member Athen and this year’s playlist, they will have you wanting to dance.  


Pop Mach!ne – 1:30PM

Pop Mach!ne is a teen classic rock band consisting of 5 members, all from Lively Ontario.  This band was created in early June 2015, and has grown more experienced from that starting point.  

Pop Machine plays both covers and originals in the genre of Modern Classic Rock, and they love performing in the community.  Previously, Pop Mach!ne won 2nd place at the Rock and Roar battle of the bands, (2017), and has played at many events since then, including Valley East Days, Cafe Heritage, and Batman’s Campsite. (Around 60+ gigs in total).  

Altogether the band is: Emily Duval – (Lead vocals, and Keyboard), Candice Duval – (rhythm guitar and vocals), Christopher Walli – (Bass guitar and Backing vocals), Keegan Beaulieu – (Drums), and Cassandra Walli – (Lead guitar and backing vocals).

**Last year Pop Mach!ne had the privilege to meet Trooper at Valley East Days :)**


FJORD – 2:30PM